Blade Runner Patch - Behringer Model D (Cinematic Uplifting Ambient)

Hello. In this song I'm using Volca Keys (midi out mod) to control the Behringer Model D. I also use my out of frame midi keyboard to control pitch and also play some notes with it because playing the KORG Volca Keys is difficult so it can get a bit stale. So this is your basic Bladerunner / Vangelis type patch. Two saw waves slightly detuned with some LFO vibrato and a slow-ish attack. I play around with the EXT IN VOLUME to overdrive the sound. You'll hear it when the red light on the Model D lights up. The Valhalla Shimmer reverb does the magic as per usual. The background ambiance is made with some softsynths and processed with Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch into a pad / drone. This is all improvised so all the melodies aren't super interesting and some audio artifacts pop up when I play the Volca Keys from time to time, some type of midi overload glitch I think. What can you do... =.)

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