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Yahel Chabs started his music career as a DJ in 2000. Trance, PsyTrance and Techno addict, he was travelling the world and played at numerous festivals and events since then.

In 2003, he decided to launch a records store: Teknasia. 2 years after, he launched Teknasia.com, which became one of the best trance online records shop in France.

Few years after was born his download music store: TranceLoad.com. But this was not the best way for Yahel to express his passion for music, so he left the music business from there and started to concentrate on his own artist project.

From 2012, came the moment for him to consecrate his life to music composition. His identity can be described as a dark power sound with a lot of emotive pads and melodic leads, and pure sci-fi atmospheric ambiences. Yahel loves to play Psy-Trance music on stage, it is clearly his DNA in music. But he is also craving for cinematic, ambient and sci-fi music. So he decided to learn Cinematic Music Production at the high school of Point Blank Music School in London.

Point blank Music School Logo

Since 2019, Yahel has launched a sound design boutique for music producers: CineTrance. He also became a music teacher and start his first Psy-Trance Masterclass at CineTrance, in 2021.

CineTrance Logo 2023

 You can buy all his soundbanks and online courses right now and start making some great music productions in your home studio.

Yahel Chabs in the CineTrance Studio 2022

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About Yahel Chabs
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