PsyTronik - New Mix Podcast By Yahel Chabs

Making sound design and producing music is certainly one of your main activity, but don't you feel sometimes the need to chill a bit? Having a rest from your DAW, your hardwares machines and simply put some hedaphones or speakers in front of you to listen to a great DJ mix of your favourite music genre? We love that at CineTrance !

That said, what could be a better choice than the one and only Yahel Chabs on the decks, for a 60 minutes monthly mix, directly available for free at SoundCloud? Yes, PsyTronik has born for only one goal: Relax yourself and have a good time at home with your friends, while listening to PsyTronik Podcast!

PsyTronik Podcast 001 (banner)

So today, we are proud to announce the new mix podcast show: PsyTronik. This monthly mix by Yahel Chabs is available to listen for free via SoundCloud. PsyTronik will focus mainly on the PsyTrance fullon and PsyProg subgenre.

Get ready for quality mixes only, wonderful tracks selection, perfect mixing skill and a true dancefloor power, made in Yahel Chabs. Don't hesitate to hit the like button and share with your other friends if you like this new podcast show.


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