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Ultimate Pads

Dear Happy Owners Of Ultimate Pads,

We had so much nice positive feedbacks since the release of Ultimate Pads that we would love to hear from you and would love to see you while playing with it in your home studio, or whenever you are playing with it.

Simply record a 10 to 15 minutes long demo video (.mp4) of you and your screen while playing live with “Ultimate Pads” and send to us via any cloud platform, within October 30th.

You should be able to test and review a minimum of 10 snapshots and give us your honest review during the video. You are also free to just record a live video of you playing a demo track made with Ultimate Pads, without any talk.

Please mention your artist or sound designer name and mention Ultimate Pads & CineTrance at least one time, within the intro or the outro of your recorded video.

We will then post all your videos on our Youtube channel, if you're agree and if your video does respect the standards for a youtube video. No music copyrights infrigement, no sex, no drugs promotion, blablabla...

We wait for you very quickly, guys.

Happy recording and happy playing!

Love & Peace,
Yahel Chabs

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