Chapter I: Psy-Trance Origins

  • A Brief History of Psy-Trance
  • Oldschool Vs Modern Psy-Trance
Chapter II: Jamming

  • Jamming with Instruments
  • Jamming with Audio Samples
Chapter III: Composing / Sound Design

  • Creating A Music Story
  • Project Setup
  • Building An Intro
  • Recording / Bouncing
  • Kick / Bass / Bassline Design
  • Hi-Drums Process
  • The Main Melody
  • Psychedelic Rhythms / FXs
  • Dealing With Vocals
Chapter IV: Audio Processing

  • Audio Chain Process
  • Grouping / Saving / Organizing Audio Effects Racks
  • Less Is More
Chapter V: Stereo Process

  • Mixing In Mono / Checking In Stereo
  • Headphones & Speakers
  • Stereo Enhancers
  • Utility Plugin
  • Panning
  • Mid/Side EQ/Compression/Reverb/Delay
  • Stereo Placement Convention
Chapter VI: Arrangement

  • Basic Structure
  • Arrangement View
  • Markers
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Grouping Tracks
  • Groups Colors
  • Mix Bus Creation
  • Insert Vs Send Effects
  • Automations
  • Advanced Structure
  • Referencing The Hits
Chapter VII: Mixing

  • Headphones Vs Speakers
  • Working At Same Volume
  • Monitoring
  • Master Chain
  • Referencing
Chapter VIII: Mastering

  • Why iZoptope Ozone 8?
  • Alternatives To iZotope?
  • Loudness War
  • Streaming Vs CD Mastering (Streamliner)
  • Dealing With True Peaks
  • Limiter Vs Clipper
Chapter IX: Exercises

  • Make Your Presets Bank
  • Make Your One-Shots Samples
  • Make Your Live Drum Racks
  • Make Your Track
Chapter X: Conclusion

  • Your Sound Signature
  • Music Production Advices


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