CT07-PM Psy-Trance Mastering Presets

PsyTrance Mastering for Ozone 8

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Psy-Trance / PsyProg / DarkPsy / Fullon Trance / Uplifting Trance Mastering!

Master your Psy-Trance productions with these 17 mastering presets for iZotope Ozone 8 software. All ready to use in your psy-trance productions, these presets has been carefully made by Yahel Chabs and used in his own productions. The presets are using some chain process of multiband compression, vintage EQ, dynamic EQ, exciter, spectral shaper, maximiser and limiter. They are made to cover almost all tonalities and keys of psy-trance, psyprog, darkpsy and uplifting trance genres. So you can directly use them to masterise your music, or fine-adjust the parameters to get the best result to your music.

Ref CT07-PM
Genre Psy-Trance / PsyProg / DarkPsy / Fullon Trance / Uplifting Trance
Size 0,4 Mo
Presets 17
checklist2Mastering By Yahel Chabs
checklist2Pro Quality
checklist2Instant Download


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