Bass Patch in Ableton Live's Wavetable

Use Ableton Live's Wavetable's Envelopes, LFOs and Modulation Matrix to make your Bass Patch.

Wavetable is one of Ableton Live’s most powerful instrument. It has wonderful capabilities for wavetable synthesis, sound design and expression controls. Perfect for designing a bass that should stand out from the arrangement.

First things first, let's find 2 wavetable collections that inspire you, using both primary oscillators. After, you can add the sub-oscillator to create depth. One important aspect of getting your bass sound right is how you use the 3 envelopes, 2 LFOs and modulation matrix provided. Unison can spice things up too…

Step 1: Activate your 3 oscillators and select your wavetables. For bass sounds, explore the “Formant”, “Distortion”, and “Retro” preset libraries. Turn the “Tone” up on the sub oscillator and select the perfect sound with the “Wave Position” selector.

Step 2: Use the Amp envelope to determine the character of your bass sound. Keeping the decay, sustain and release shorter and quieter creates a pluck-style bass, and by doing the opposite, you end up with a lush sound with increased impact.

Step 3: The full power of Wavetable comes alive when we customise the Modulation Matrix, creating motion to the sound. For example, you might want to make your bass sound more exciting by connecting one of the LFOs to the filter frequency or the “Wave Position” selector.

Step 4: Finally, try the Unison area of Wavetable. This gives your bass sound the final finish, making sure the sound stands out from the arrangement. For a more retro sound, select “Shimmer” or add “Noise” to sounds that require more presence in the mix.

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