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The History Of The SSL 9000 J
It’s no secret that Solid State Logic’s iconic E and G series were among the most successful large-format consoles ever designed.
Ableton Live 11: What’s new?
Live 11 introduces comping, MPE support, and new devices built for experimentation
Focus on Arturia FX Plugins
3 Filters You'll Actually Use: Tutorial
Sound Design Of Horror Video Games
The lights are off, the speakers are turned up, and you’re playing through your favorite horror video game. The screen is dark, but you can hear a low rumble coming out of the sub woofer. It gets louder. You still...
Blade Runner Patch - Behringer Model D (Cinematic Uplifting Ambient)
Discover RemixSamples, a nice music composer who make synthesizer video demos on Youtube.
The state of video game music in 2019
Video game music has come a long way since the four descending notes of Space Invaders. Monophonic chiptune melodies like the Space Invaders theme captured people’s attention in arcades in the 70s, while the polyphony enabled by consoles in the...