The Art Of Trailer

The Art Of Trailer (15.10.24)


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Learn The Art Of Cinematic Trailer

CineTrance & Yahel Chabs are proud to release "The Art Of Trailer", an online tutorial to learn how to compose, sound design and master a music trailer, but not only in a classic cinematic way... "The Art Of Trailer" is a must-have tutorial simply because it will learn to you the mechanisms and fundamentals of making huge trailers for movies, videogames, tv shows, promos / online ads, marketing videos and more... Not only in orchestral classic way, but in a modern, hybrid, sci-fi, ambient and even electronic dance music way. Yahel Chabs has developed carefully this online tutorial so you can expect for a full educative, intuitive and easy way to understand the art of trailer, from start to finish.

In this Masterclass, Yahel Chabs share with you the fundamental steps of making modern trailers for any media. He will learn to you how to become a true cinematic music composer in your home studio, with a bit of theory and a bunch of practical dedicated videos & lessons. Over 15+ Lessons & Videos are waiting for you to irrigate your knowledge of the best sound design, music production and arrangement technics used in the modern cinematic music world.

The DAW used in this Masterclass is Ableton Live Suite 10, but version 11 can also be used. For non-users of Ableton Live, this tutorial can also suit but obviously won't be representative of your actual DAW.

This Tutorial comes with 15+ lessons / high-quality videos.

This Tutorial is for a lifetime access, so you can learn at your own rhythm.

Why Should I Buy This Online Tutorial?

    • Make Music Trailers Like A Pro.
    • Speed Up Your Workflow In Studio.
    • Use The Right Music Softwares & Tools.
    • Learn With A Pro: Yahel Chabs.

    Course Structure

    1. Exploring A Sci-Fi Music Trailer.
    2. Get The Best Music Tools To Create It.
    3. Compose Over Our Ableton Template.
    4. Compose Your Own Trailers.
    5. How To Mix A Trailer?
    Ref CT-MC-TR
    Genre All Genres
    Level Beginner / Intermediate
    Language English
    DAW used in this masterclass Ableton Live 10 Suite
    checklist2Course Access My Online Courses
    checklist2Music Instructor Yahel Chabs
    checklist2Availability Lifetime Access + Updates
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