Nexus 6 for Hydrasynth

Nexus 6 for Hydrasynth

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Self-Playing patches For HydraSynth

64 self-playing presets from the best synth I ever played, the HydraSynth, from Ashun Sound Machines.

Self-Playing presets means that they are playing and modulating by itself, just by hitting one note on your keyboard. Bringing life and endless possibility of sound atmospheres for your ambient, psybient, psy-trance, sci-fi or any music genre you want.

The pristine quality of this 8 voices polyphonic synth will inspire you like never before, believe me. NEXUS is coming soon at CineTrance and LOOT Audio, at a very affordable sale price of 9,99€ (intro price). It’s scheduled to be out by the beginning of October, as I want to design the best drones and self-playing atmospheres for YOU

checklist Total Presets: 64
checklist Modwheel and Macros MIDI functions are available on all patches.
checklist presets list coming soon.
Genre Ambient, PsyBient, Sci-Fi, Trance, Downtempo, Chillgressive...
Format .hydra (import using HydraSynth Manager app)
Presets 64
checklist2Minimum OS Version required: Version 1.5.4
checklist2100% Royalty Free
checklist2Sound Design by Yahel Chabs
checklist2Intro Price until November 15th 2021

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