DYSTOPIA, our first Kontakt Instrument.

Dystopia is your new SciFi music tool for Kontakt. A virtual instrument built on a full range notes structure and made for music producers in search of that Sci-Fi music touch. With a large sound spectrum and strong capability of designing your own sound from over 64 playable and editable presets instruments and 16 multis, Dystopia will certainly inspire your next music productions. We really hope you will find it useful and inspiring.


Sound Design with Dystopia can be improved thanks to the the powerful Kontakt 6 engine including 1 Amp, 1 Pitch & 1 Filter ADSR, 1 LP/HP/BP Filter, 1 Pan LFO, 1 Pitch LFO, 1 Gain LFO, 2 LFO Filters, 3 Step Sequencers (up to 16 steps), 1 Delay, 1 Reverb, 1 Convolution Reverb, 1 Saturator, 1 Transient Designer, 1 Solid Bus Compressor, 1 Solid G-EQ, 1 Stereo Enhancer and more FXs.

Ref CTK001-D
Genre Cinematic, Sci-Fi, Electronic Music
Release Date 26.06.2020
Download Size 5.5 GB (uncompressed)
Audio Format 44.1 kHz 24 bits - WAV
Library Format Kontakt 6.2 Full Version or Later
Instruments Detail 18 Digital Pads / 18 Synths / 14 Bass Synths / 8 Acoustic Instruments / 6 Textures
Snapshots (Presets) 64 + 16 Multis



  • Michael

    excellent demos, sounds pretty promising… I’m in !

  • Yahel

    Our preset playthrough video is online, check out the product-page.

  • Chris

    Excellent demo… let’s try this one :)

  • Samy

    Pre-ordered my copy, can’t wait to be one of the first to put my hands on it this saturday! :)

  • Charles

    Any walkthrough video soon? I guess at release date. =)

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