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Psy-Trance Drums Generator (HP Flyer)Trailer Drum Rack Overview

Psy-Trance Drums

Drums are one of the most crucial sound design aspect in Psy-Trance Music. Drums are also the most dominant sounds within the highend spectrum of your track. Psy-Trance Drums Generator is a must-have tool for anyone who plan to produce some serious Psy-Trance Drums for their music productions. This Ableton Live Template uses none less than 44 Drum Racks with 16 macros per Drum Rack! Now you can sound design your drums like the pros. And we all know the hard process to create some professional Psy-Trance Drums. Psy-Trance Drums Generator will save you hours of boring work.

How Does It Work?

  1. Play with 44 Drum Racks
  2. Launch MIDI Clips for Endless Jams
  3. Give Life with 16 Macros
  4. Humanize from our selected Grooves
  5. Take Lanes
  6. Create Comp of your Best Drums

A Great Drums Sound Library

With 1Gb+ of One-Shots samples available to play from the 44 Drum Racks, Psy-Trance Drums Generator will cover almost all your need for Psy-Trance music productions. From legendary drum machines sounds of the TR-808 and 909, to exquisite powerful percussions like bongos, mallets, metallics, hand drums and organic percussions… Or even from sensational trailer drums, hits, booms or even wonderful risers. All audio samples are carefully recorded in WAV 24bits at 44.1kHz and are layered on each drum rack from C0 and up to C8 key range! A great Drums Sound Library…

Sampled by Yahel Chabs

Yahel Chabs has over 15 years of Psy-Trance Music experience so you will get a pro template to generate all your drums, with some fine colored drum sounds and with a total focus on psychedelic drums. He sampled from various drum machines including his Behringer RD-9 & RD-8, his original TR-707 and his new Roland TR-8S, some various plugins like Sonic Academy KICK 2, some various field recordings and some few other percussive instruments from his studio. All that with a meticulous sound design. You can add a final touch with the Mix Bus Channel, or simply gain staging your different tracks to mix your drums as needed.


44 Drum Racks

Drum Racks Overview (CTT04-PDG)

Hi-Hats Open 4 Racks
Claps 4 Racks
Snare 8 Racks
Shakers 2 Racks
Crashes 3 Racks
Rides 3 Racks
Clave 1 Rack
Rimshots 2 Racks
Cymbals Rolls 1 Rack
Percussion Loops 1 Rack
Organic Percs 1 Rack
Toms 3 Racks
Hand Drums 1 Rack
Bongos 1 Rack
Mallet 1 Rack
Metallics 1 Rack
Glitches 2 Racks
Trailer Drums (Loops) 1 Rack
Trailer Drums 1 Rack
Trailer Booms 1 Rack
Trailer Hits 1 Rack
Risers 1 Rack

5 Bonus Instrument Racks

Bonus Instrument Racks (CTT04-PDG)

The Impactor 1 Wavetable Instrument
The 808 Kick 1 Wavetable Instrument
The Hi-Hat Synth 1 Wavetable Instrument
The Snare Synth 1 Wavetable Instruments
The Noise Shaker 1 Wavetable Instrument
Genre Psy-Trance
BPM 140-145
Format Ableton Live Pack
Required Software Ableton Live 11
Drums Racks 44
Bonus Racks 5 (Wavetable)
Audio Samples 1Gb+
Audio Format 44.1kHz 24b Wav
MIDI Files 100+
Free VST Plugins A1TriggerGate
Download Size 1.2GB
checklist2Included in Psy-Trance Masterclass
checklist2Use Psy-Trance Bassline Generator
checklist2Learn with Psy-Trance Drums Tutorial
checklist2Sound Design by Yahel Chabs

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