Psy-Trance Masterclass


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Learn Psy-Trance Music Production

Yahel Chabs is your music instructor and share with you the fundamental steps of making psy-trance music from start to finish. This Masterclass is including 10 chapters with 50+ rich text lessons & videos. Tons of free audio material to jumpstart to your own production, like: sample packs, vst presets, customized ableton live instruments & more...

The DAW used in this Masterclass is Ableton Live Suite 10, but version 11 can also be used. For non-users of Ableton Live, this Masterclass can also suit but obviously won't be representative of your actual DAW.

About the equipment needed: Ableton Live Suite 10 or 11 with a MIDI keyboard is highly recommended. A laptop, Mac or PC, a sound interface, a pair of speakers and headphones are obviously needed to be able to listen and create music. We will use the Ableton stock plugins most of the time but if you have some third part VST plugins and synths, it is also nice because we will also cover some sound design technics using some VST synths like Spire, Dune 3, Omnisphere and more. About the FX plugins, we will also use the Ableton stock plugins most of the time, which are fairly enough for this Masterclass. For Mixing and Mastering we will use iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced.

This Masterclass is including:

  • ALL our online Psy-Trance tutorials "à la carte"
  • A Lifetime Access
  • ALL future updates for FREE (Brand new edition is coming for Jan. 2024)

Learn at your own rhythm with our Psy-Trance Masterclass.

You will have a direct access in our website. Simply login to your customer account and go to "My Online Courses" to start your e-learning.


What's inside:

  • 10 Chapters
  • 50+ Lessons with text & videos
  • 2 Ableton Live Templates (Pandora + Psy-Trance Bassline Generator)
  • 20+ Ableton Live FX / Instruments
  • 50+ Various VST Presets
  • 2GB+ Free Samples Pack


    • Chapter I: Free Music Tools
    • Chapter II: Important Tips
    • Chapter III: Music Production
    • Chapter IV: Sound Design
    • Chapter V: Stereo Process
    • Chapter VI: Arrangement
    • Chapter VII: Mixing
    • Chapter VIII: Mastering (Sept 2023)
    • Chapter IX: Exercices (Oct 2023)
    • Chapter X: Conclusion (Oct 2023)
    Ref CT-MC-PSY
    Genre Psy-Trance
    Level Beginner / Intermediate
    Language English
    Required Music Softwares Ableton Live 10 or 11 Suite (or later) / Sonic Academy KICK 2
    Recommended Mixing/Mastering Plugins iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced (or later) / Black Box Analog Design HG2-MS / AMEK EQ200 / TOMO AudioLabs LISA / bx_console AMEK 9099 / Eventide BlackHole Reverb
    Optional Monitoring Plugins Voxengo SPAN Plus / Brainworx bx_meter / Oszillos Mega Scope / xFer LFO Tools / FabFilter Pro-L2 / iZotope Tonal Balance Control 2
    checklist2Course Access My Online Courses
    checklist2Products already included Psy-Trance Basslines Generator + Psy-Trance Drums Generator + Psy-Trance Basslines Tutorial + Psy-Trance Drums Tutorial + Psy-Trance Rhythms Tutorial + Psy-Trance Melodies Tutorial + Psy-Trance Atmospheres Tutorial + Psy-Trance Mixing Tutorial
    checklist2Music Instructor Yahel Chabs
    checklist2Availability Lifetime Access + Updates
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