Nexus-6 for Hydrasynth

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56 Patches For Your HydraSynth.

56 high quality presets for ASM HydraSynth, the fantastic 8 Voices Polysynth made by Ashun Sound Machines. This pack will bring life and endless possibility of sound design atmospheres for your ambient, psybient, psy-trance, sci-fi or any music genre you want. The pristine quality of this 8 voices polyphonic synth will inspire you like never before. Sound Design by Yahel Chabs.

checklist Total Presets: 56. Categorized by AMB (Ambient), KB (Keyboard), LD (Leads), PD (Pads), SQ (Sequences)
checklist Modwheel and Custom Macros
Genre Ambient, PsyBient, Trance, Sci-Fi, Epic, Downtempo...
Format .hydra (import using HydraSynth Manager app)
Presets 56
checklist2Minimum OS Version required: Version 1.5.4
checklist2100% Royalty Free
checklist2Sound Design by Yahel Chabs

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