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Make Psy-Trance with our Ableton Live Instrument Racks !

Special Bundle Pack including:

This is your Ultimate Music Tool for Psy-Trance Bassline sound design. A collection of 8 Kick Racks + 8 Bass Racks + 10 FX Racks for Ableton Live 10 (and 11) Suite using KICK 2, Operator instrument and various Ableton Live stock plugins for the FX Racks. Destinated to music producers who need to speed up their workflow and get some "ready-to-play" psychedelic Basslines inside Ableton Live. Macros are very well organized and gain-staging is fully optimized at 0dB. You can use these Racks as a starting point to make your own Psy-Trance Basslines. The Kick & Bass Presets works fine in any key range and have been carefully designed by our psy-trance master: Yahel Chabs.

Bundle #1 is also including our top-seller Psy-ArtFX, a collection of 10 Audio Effect Racks for Ableton Live Suite. Giving you almost all kind of psychedelic FXs possible inside few Ableton Racks, the 8 macros are very well organized and effects are definatly out of this world! And if you are a happy owner of Ableton Push 2, these racks will change the way you produce your psy-trance tracks.

Don't waste your time anymore and get these awesome Ableton Live Instrument Racks at a SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICE to unleash the power of your Psy-Trance productions!


PsyKick - Ableton Live Racks For Kick 2

    • 8 x Ableton Live Instrument Racks for KICK 2 Software by Sonic Academy
    • 8 x KICK Presets for kICK 2 Software

CT22-PK - PsyKick - Ableton Live Racks For Kick 2

Get KICK 2 Software at Sonic Academy website

PsyBass - Ableton Live Racks For Operator

  • 1 x Ableton Live Template to start using PsyBass
  • 8 x Ableton Live Instrument Racks for Operator
  • 8 x Presets for FabFilter Saturn
  • 8 x Presets for bx_console N
  • 8 x Presets for Waves L3-LL Multi
  • 8 x Presets for xFer LFO Tool
  • Using EQ8 and Utility stock plugins
  • 36 x Bass MIDI Files

CT24-PB - PsyBass - Ableton Live Racks For Operator

Psy-ArtFX - Custom FX Racks for Ableton Live

  • 10 x Ableton Live Audio Effect Racks (The Modulator, The Gater, The Morpher, The Filter, The Stretcher, The Transition, The Spationaut Delay, The Spationaut Reverb, The Spationaut Combo, The Rhythmizer)

CT20-PAFX - Psy-ArtFX For Ableton Live

Genre Psy-Trance / Trance
Size 10Mo
DAW Ableton Live Suite 10 (or higher)
checklist2Created By Yahel Chabs
checklist2Pro Sound Design
checklist2Intro Price until July 10th 2021

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