Psy-Trance Basslines Tutorial
Psy-Trance Basslines Tutorial
Psy-Trance Basslines Tutorial

Psy-Trance Basslines Tutorial

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Learn How To Design Your Kick & Bass!

Bassline is one of the most important, significant and noticeable element in a Psy-Trance music production. It’s also the most powerful element of your track, in term of loudness. Yahel Chabs share with you the fundamental steps of making psy-trance basslines from start to finish. He will learn to you how to make it sounds nice like a pro, loud like a commercial track from Beatport and hypergroovy like your favourite superstars from the scene... The DAW used in this tutorial is Ableton Live 10 Suite with Operator for the Bass Design, KICK 2 from Sonic Academy for the Kick Design and several third-part FX plugins for the kick, bass and basslines audio process. (more infos below)

Psy-Trance Basslines Tutorial is including 5 chapters with 8 rich text lessons and 28 high-quality videos. This online tutorial is for a lifetime access, so you can learn at your own rhythm.

Why Should I Buy This Online Tutorial?

    • Learn Bassline Sound Design.
    • Save Years Of Work In Studio.
    • Create Your Own Sound Signature.
    • Speed Up Your Workflow.
    • Get Solid Mixed Tracks.
    • Get Unlimited Music Inspiration.
    • Learn With A Pro: Yahel Chabs.

    5 Chapters - 8 Lessons - 28 Videos

    + Psy-Trance Bassline Generator (Full Package)

    Psy-Trance Bassline Generator
    • 36 Bass MIDI Files covering all key range (straight/triplet/groove)
    • 36 Kick MIDI Files
    • 36 Live Scenes from 139 to 146 BPM
    • 16 Ableton Live Racks (8 Kicks + 8 Bass)
    • 8 Kicks Presets for KICK 2
    • 8 Bass Presets for Operator
    • 3 Ableton FX Racks (2 Filter Racks + 1 Monitoring Rack...)
    • 8 Presets for FabFilter Saturn
    • 8 Presets for Waves L3-LL Multi
    • 8 Presets for bx_console N
    • 8 Presets for xFer LFO Tool
    Ref CT-TUT-BSL
    Genre Psy-Trance
    Release Date 04.06.2021
    Level Beginner / Intermediate
    Language English
    DAW used in this tutorial Ableton Live 10 Suite
    CineTrance Release used in this tutorial Psy-Trance Bassline Generator
    checklist2Powered by CineTrance
    checklist2Instructor: Yahel Chabs
    checklist2Lifetime Access
    checklist2included in our Psy-Trance Masterclass.

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