Cinematic Music Masterclass (30.06.24)

Cinematic Music Masterclass (30.06.24)


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Make Modern Cinematic Music

CineTrance is proud to announce his first masterclass dedicated to Cinematic Music Production: "Cinematic Music Masterclass" has been developed over the last 2 years by Yahel Chabs. You can expect for a full educative circuit from start to finish.

In this Masterclass, Yahel Chabs share with you his fundamental steps to make Modern & Hybrid Cinematic Music. He will learn to you how to become a great Cinematic Music Composer with a bit of theory and a bunch of practical, with some dedicated videos & lessons. Over 50+ Lessons & Videos are waiting for you to irrigate your knowledge of the best sound design, music production and arrangement technics used in Modern Cinematic Music.

The DAW used in this Masterclass is Ableton Live Suite 10, but version 11 can also be used. For non-users of Ableton Live, this Masterclass can also suit but obviously won't be representative of your actual DAW.

About the equipment needed: Ableton Live 10 or 11 Suite with a MIDI keyboard is highly recommended. A laptop, Mac or PC, a sound interface, a pair of speakers and headphones are obviously needed to be able to listen and create music. We will use the Ableton stock plugins most of the time but if you have some third part VST plugins and synths, it is also nice because we will oftenly cover some sound design technics using some of them. VST synths like Spire, Dune 3, Omnisphere and Pigments will be used in this masterclass. About the FX plugins, we will also use the Ableton stock plugins most of the time, which are fairly enough for this masterclass.

This Masterclass comes with 50+ lessons / high-quality videos.

This Masterclass is for a lifetime access, so you can learn at your own rhythm.

Why Should I Buy This Online Tutorial?

    • Learn Cinematic Music Production.
    • Speed Up Your Workflow In Studio.
    • Use The Best Music Softwares.
    • Learn With A Pro: Yahel Chabs.

    What's inside:

    • 10 Chapters
    • 50+ Lessons with text & videos
    • 2 Ableton Live Templates
    • 20+ Ableton FX / Instruments
    • 50+ Various VST Presets
    • 2GB+ Free Samples Pack


      • Chapter I: Introduction
      • Chapter II: Studio Setup
      • Chapter III: Music Production
      • Chapter IV: Sound Design
      • Chapter V: Arrangement
      • Chapter VI: Mixing / Mastering
      • Chapter VII: Exporting Projects
      • Chapter VIII: Music Business Tips
      • Chapter IX: Exercices
      • Chapter X: Conclusion
      Ref CT-MC-CM
      Genre Cinematic, Sci-Fi, Hybrid Orchestral, Ambient.
      Level Intermediate / Expert
      Language English
      DAW used in this Masterclass Ableton Live 10 Suite (or 11) + NI Maschine 2
      checklist2Course Access My Online Courses
      checklist2Music Instructor Yahel Chabs
      checklist2Availability Lifetime Access + Updates
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