Mystic Harps (Kontakt)


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Mystic Harps For Your Productions

Mystic Harps is a "Deep Sampled" Kontakt Instrument dedicated to the Harps and developped by Yahel Chabs at CineTrance Studio.

Sound Design Features
5 Tabs: 1 Perform, 1 FXs, 1 Motion Designer (Source + Filters), 1 Master
Playability Deep Sampled Instrument - Playable on 5 Octaves (C1 to C6)
    Type Of Harps 12 Classic / 11 Modern / 12 Sequenced / 16 Multis
    Audio Format
    WAV - 44,1Khz - 24bits

    Mystic Harps (flyer)

    Deep Sampled Harps for Kontakt

    Mystic Harps is built on a multi-layered / full range notes structure, delivering a fantastic playable music experience on your keyboard. With 35 Snapshots + 16 Multis carefully designed by Yahel Chabs, Mystic Harps provides a beautiful collection of Classic, Hybrid & Modern Acoustic Harps, multisampled from real harps and also from virtual and hardware synthesizers like HydraSynth, Korg OPSix and more. Our Kontakt engine provides a strong capability of sound design, thanks to its powerful and complete UI. Play live with some beautiful inspiring harps for your Cinematic, Ambient, Sci-Fi or Electronic Dance Music productions. We really hope you will find it useful and inspiring.

    Reference Product (SKU) CTK11-H
    Genre Cinematic, Sci-Fi, Ambient...
    50 Snapshots 12 Classic / 11 Modern / 12 Sequenced / 16 Multis
    1 Perform Tab 3 Multi-Layered Channels (Mute/Solo/Level/Pan/Tune) + 3 ADSR Envelopes
    1 FXs Tab 3 Inserts FX: Sat/Disto/LoFi + 4 Sends FX: Chorus/Delay/Reverb/Conv. Reverb
    1 Motion Tab (1 Motion Source + 1 Motion Filters)
    5 LFO's / 1 Sep Sequencer / 2 Filter Sequences
    1 Master Tab 4 Audio Process (Compressor, EQ, Stereo, Transient)
    Library Format Kontakt 6.2.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)
    Download Size 3.82Gb (Compressed)
    checklist2Sound Design by Yahel Chabs.
    checklist2Use Modwheel On All Snapshots.

    Customer Reviews

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    Peter F.
    A great first try!

    Honestly, this Kontakt instrument can easily fight with the big ones from the market. The different harpsichords are really well sampled and have precise transients, great overall feeling while playing on keyboard. In fact, Mystic Harps is already in my favorite Kontakt tools arsenal.. congrats and please make more soon!

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