Ultimate Pads (Kontakt)


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Give Life To Your Music

Ultimate Pads is the first "Deep Sampled" Kontakt Instrument developed by Yahel Chabs at CineTrance Studio.

Sound Sources Engine 3 Multi-Layered Channels
Sound Design Functions 5 Tabs: 1 Perform, 1 FXs, 1 Motion Designer (Source + Filters), 1 Master
Playability Deep Sampled Instrument - Playable on 5 Octaves (C1 to C6)
    Type Of Pads 20 Cinematic Pads, 19 Modern Pads, 15 Atmospheric Pads
    Recording Specs WAV - 44,1Khz - 24bits

    CTK08-P (flyer transparent)

    Fully Playable Kontakt Instrument

    Ultimate Pads is a deep sampled Kontakt instrument from synthesizers like ASM Hydrasynth, Waldorf Iridium, Virus TI2, Sequential Take 5 or Arturia MicroFreak, on a full-range note structure. That means our snapshots are fully playable on the keyboard and you can also use modwheel to modulate and morphs the Pads. Our Kontakt Engine / GUI provide a Total Sound Design Control on any Snapshots, thanks to the FXs, Motion Designer and Master Tab. We really hope you will find Ultimate Pads useful and inspiring.

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    Genre Cinematic, Sci-Fi, Ambient, Electronic
    54 Snapshots 20 Cinematic Pads / 19 Modern Pads / 15 Atmospheric Pads
    1 Perform Tab 3 Multi-Layered Channels (Mute/Solo/Level/Pan/Tune) + 3 ADSR Envelopes
    1 FXs Tab 3 Inserts FX: Sat/Disto/LoFi + 4 Sends FX: Chorus/Delay/Reverb/Conv. Reverb
    1 Motion Tab (1 Motion Source + 1 Motion Filters)
    5 LFO's / 1 Sep Sequencer / 2 Filter Sequences
    1 Master Tab 4 Audio Process (Compressor, EQ, Stereo, Transient)
    Library Format Kontakt 6.2.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)
    Download Size 48 GB (uncompressed) (105 RAR Files)
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    checklist2Sound Design by Yahel Chabs.
    checklist2Use Modwheel On All Snapshots.
    checklist2Create Your Own Snapshots With Deep Sound Design Functions.
    checklist2Multisampled from Hardware Synths.
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